Skills development

Development of skills related to nickel activity: situation review and perspectives

Mining activity requires multiple skills and includes many professions: production, maintenance, environmental management, CSER, …. The move towards optimising costs, but also the growing attention paid to CSER, is accompanied by major developments in the ways in which mining and metallurgy operations are conducted. The mine of the future has a growing recourse to technologies, with the arrival of electric and automated equipment and the use of technologies and impact management practices.


Are the skills required for tomorrow, but also for today, present and available in the territory ?

How should we develop these skills ?

How can we adapt the current training possibilities ?

How can the skills of Caledonian operators be promoted on the international stage ?.


While training possibilities for the mining sector are limited in the territory of New Caledonia, other courses are available in Metropolitan France or in Canada. The work cycle will attempt to quantify the existing training offers but also identify the necessary skills in order to spotlight ways of optimising and improving training needs in the light of future requirements for the sector.


« Skills development » group overseers: Sylvie d’Ussel (AMD), Pascal Velasco (GIEP) and Lucia Xewe (Doctoral student University of New Caledonia)

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