Resources and Reserves

Resources and reserves: how does new caledonia optimise its nickel ?

The optimisation of resources and reserves is a vast and technical subject. Depending on the different major stakeholders these issues can be treated in various and often contradictory ways, and even involve different definitions of terms.


What do we mean when we talk of resources or reserves ?

How can we define these notions and the associated stakes involved, in an undisputable and comprehensible manner for the general public ?

Who are the customers and competitors of Caledonian nickel ?

What are the most likely products of substitution ?

How is nickel exploited ?

Should reserves be constituted or exploitation continue. Can New Caledonia, and should New Caledonia, continue its metallurgy activities ?


The idea here is to seek to define the way in which operators carry out their activity in New Caledonia, whether they be miners or metallurgists.


«Optimisation of resources and reserves» group overseers: Sébastien Lafargue (SMT), Wilfried Weiss (AMNC), Eddie Lecourieux (AMFNC) and Vincent Mardhel (BRGM)

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