Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

Nickel operations and social and environmental responsibility

Mining operators, aware of their social and environmental impact, are developing programmes to compensate this impact, and in New Caledonia all actors in the sector are working in this direction. Their practices are often very diversified, and often stemming from their historical background and the zone of activity.


New Caledonia benefits from rigorous environmental legislation and tools to control activity. Amongst global producing countries, New Caledonia is one which has implemented a virtuous system where innovative and original measures have been introduced by the operators. These cover environmental, social and societal aspects. However, until now there has been no inventory drawn up or performance indicators introduced.


The work cycle aims to track and list local practices, identify best practices and opportunities for improvement while preserving the competitiveness of the sector in Caledonia which is confronted by significant competition from low cost producing countries.


« Social and environmental responsibility » group overseers: France Bailly (CNRT), Catherine Ris (UNC), Alizée Bonnet (WWF) and Hubert Géraux (WWF)

An expert's point of view

Thierry RODON - Laval University (Canada)


Thierry RODON - Laval University (Canada)

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Thierry RODON - Laval University (Canada)

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