A Fund for future generations

Should new caledonia set up a fund for future generations ?

The creation of a fund for future generations is not a new idea. While the terms have entered the realm of public use, its definition and the different propositions put forward over time have been practically forgotten.


Several countries rich in natural resources have created funds of various types, goals and governance.


In the same way, expectations expressed in New Caledonia range from notions of permanent rent payments contributing to public funds, to initiatives of economic diversification or assistance to sectors undergoing crisis.


The Nickel.nc approach seeks to present in a precise manner options for funds that can be applicable to New Caledonia and to the nickel sector, in terms of type, provision and their governance.


« Fund for future generations » group overseers: Adrien Rivaton and Doriane Sanchez-Le Bris (ADECAL Technopole), Antonin Milza (DIMENC), Mickaël Jamet (DSF) and Augustin Calandreau (Gouvernement) 

Interventions d'experts internationaux

Doctorant - Spécialiste des fonds souverains
Directeur du programme de recherche Sovereign Wealth Research au sein du Center for the Governance of Change (CGC) de l'Université IE
Professeur adjoint, Université IE

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