The approach

The New Caledonian Government is launching, an innovative work cycle dedicated to nickel activity, in order to clarify and contribute to the regulatory and strategic choices of the territory with regard to this key sector of the economy.


It includes all actors involved in the nickel sector, the institutions, the economic sphere and civil society in a participative process where everyone is invited to express their opinions relating to the principle issues.


This approach also aims to position New Caledonia on the world map of nickel as an ethical and responsible source. represents a unique opportunity to render the theme accessible to all and to provide objective data as a key to understanding this essential sector of the New Caledonian economy.


The main lessons learned from the work will be presented during two final mornings scheduled for April 8 and 15, 2021. These meetings will also benefit from the insights of external experts. The Nickel.NC Matinees will take the form of virtual meetings (webinar) with live broadcasting on the Nickel.NC Facebook page.


6 themes will be covered in this approach :

Work themes

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility
Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility
What are the practices that could be employed in a CSER approach in New Caledonia ?
Accompagnement de l’administration
Administrative accompaniment
What would the development of a one-stop service facility dedicated to the nickel sector involve ?
Ressources et Réserves
Resources and Reserves
How are Caledonian Nickel reserves exploited today ?
Développement des compétences
Skills development
How can we develop the skills necessary for the nickel sector to succeed in New Caledonia ?
Un Fonds pour les générations futures
A Fund for future generations
Should New Caledonia set up a fund for future generations and what form should this take ?
Retombées économiques et fiscales
Economic and fiscal benefits
What are the benefits for New Caledonia from nickel activity ?


Organization of working groups

The working groups were open to all stakeholders wishing to take part. Each of the working groups is managed by an overseer, in charge of ensuring proper circulation of information, meeting animation and producing a summary of all proposals put forward by its members. The groups reported regularly with their results to a steering committee.


« A New Nickel for a New World »

The world nickel market is currently undergoing significant change with the development of new outlets with major consumers of the metal for electric vehicle batteries. At the same time issues of traceability have become very important, in particular for industrial and general consumer customers, who are nowadays seeking a guarantee that the acquired ore or metal has been produced in an ethical and responsible manner.

This concern has established social and environmental responsibility as an indispensable factor for the mining and metallurgy sectors. Caledonian nickel has advantages in the current and future market: its traceability, its ethical and responsible production and its proximity to the main consumer markets.

With the approach it’s also a question of positioning New Caledonia in this international market characterised by new demands, whether in terms of the product or of its governance.

This is what the title, “A New Nickel for a New World” represents.