Administrative accompaniment

Mining and the administration: towards a one-stop service ?

The environment, labour laws, public health, extraction, recruitment or exporting are all subjects for which every company in the sector has to refer to a different interlocutor.


Each administration has its own agenda and each local authority its own priorities. The demand on the part of mining operators to have a one-step service access dates from a long time. To this is added a wish for more simplified procedures. The profession has thus proposed the creation of a single point of entry centralising access to all the different administrations. From the point of view of the industrial companies, simplified administrative procedures would bring down costs relating to monitoring compliance with these texts, enable them to be more reactive and to avoid contradictions.


From the point of view of the administration the creation of such a one-stop service would imply the introduction of a global and transparent coordination. It relates to moves to modernise the administration which have been undertaken now for several years.


The aim of the work cycle was to define the issues relating to a one-stop service and to identify and present the structural change options for such a single service.


“Administrative accompaniment” group overseers: Sarah Manzanarès (SMSP), Sandra Gayral (DIMENC), Jade Rétali (CESE) and Dominique Lefeivre (CESE)


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