Economic and fiscal benefits

Economic benefits of nickel for new caledonia: what is the current situation ?

Nickel is the key sector of the Caledonian economy.

Nonetheless, the question of economic and social benefits is often subject to debate, with issues often treated in a very partial manner.


Several subjects can be analysed objectively and are consolidated by undisputable data. Tax and social contributions, or the creation of direct and indirect employment, fall into this category.


The work cycle had as one of its aims to centralise objective data which will allow the economic benefits of the mining and metallurgy sectors to be characterised, and to put them in perspective with regard to world competition, and finally to clarify, when necessary, controversies which might still exist.


«Economic benefits of the nickel sector» group overseers: Xavier Gravelat (SMGM), Olivier Fagnot (ISEE) and Vincent Ménard (CCI)

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